Our Promise

Bakers Point Fisheries understands their business would not be possible without efforts from employees, fishermen, business partners, community members and Jeddore Harbour itself. It is the companies promise to uphold values that support a vision and mission that their stakeholders can respect.


To be a leader of the seafood processing industry in a global market, supplying quality seafood worldwide, while embracing the local community, and sustainability of our oceans.


We are committed to producing quality seafood to the satisfaction of our customers. We must do this efficiently and profitably in order to be a sustainable business enterprise. To achieve this mission we must work together, everyone of our employees must be part of our Quality Assurance Team.



We believe it is important to provide employees the necessary tools and training for the job to ensure our workforce engages in safe practices that protect our product, employee and customer well being.


At Bakers Point Fisheries, we value long term relationships with our customers. We believe customer satisfaction is achieved by preserving honesty, integrity and flexibility to meet their needs.


Our employees are invaluable assets. Bakers Point Fisheries could not operate without them, so we strive to provide a safe and enjoyable working environment.


We believe that our fishermen are not dependent on us – we are dependent on them. Providing services to our fishermen, and demonstrating appreciation for them, is a primary goal.  


To protect the health of the ocean, fish stocks, and seafood processing industry of the future, we proudly only purchase legally harvested seafood.


As a small town company, we believe giving back to our community is important for fostering strong working relationships. We actively support many local organisations such as the Musquodoboit Harbour & District Lion’s Club,  the Twin Oaks / Birches Health Care Charitable Foundation, and numerous youth athletic programs and initiatives.


To uphold our promises, we maintain proper certification in security, sustainability, and food safety.

Food safety: 

  • International Featured Standards (IFS) certification
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency Certification 


  • Certified member of Customs- Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • Air Cargo Security Certification 


  • Level three certification from the Marine Stewardship Council



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