A Deep History 

A young Harold and Wyman Baker pose with their Father, Harold Senior, in the original fish and salting shed built in 1945. The two proudly stand with huge halibut, Wyman in the front, Harold in the back. The boys were born into the business, as were the other Baker children. It comes as no surprise that five of them would grow up and dedicate their lives to running the family company.


The business was established in 1943 by Harold Baker Senior.  Harold started the fishery as a local buyer for the Burns Fisheries of Halifax. Over the past 73 years, the fishery has grown from its humble beginnings of buying fish caught and salted by local fishermen, into a processing plant that ships an assortment of seafood products to local, domestic, and international markets.

Sisters, Elaine (Left) & Janette (Right) – 1961

Today, three of the Baker brothers (Harold, Wyman & Darren), two of the Baker sisters (Janette & Elaine) and Wyman’s Son, Scott manage the plant.

Ruby Pearl Baker

Ruby Pearl Baker, Harold Senior’s wife, still lives in the original home the fish-plant was built around. To this day, the 95 year old likes to be informed and up to date on all business decisions.

Bakers Point Fisheries prides itself on its business ethics born from Harold Baker Senior – hard work, dedication and honesty.

Harold Baker Senior
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