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As proud as we are of all we have accomplished over 73 years of operation, we could not have done it without the crews who fish. Not only would we not have product, but our wharf would look so plain without their colourful boats. Bakers Point Fisheries is grateful for the hard work, dedication and cooperation they share with us.

Fishing can be difficult. The job can be dangerous, full of early mornings, cold weather and stormy seas – it is not for everyone. However, we hope their work is also filled with beautiful sunrises, rewarding catches, and lifelong friendships with crew members.

As we approach the colder months, Bakers Point wants to wish everyone a safe and successful winter fishing season.


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Here at Bakers Point Fisheries, we are so proud that we can say we’ve been part of the Eastern Shore since 1943. As a business, employer, resident and neighbour, we’ve watched the community develop. We’ve developed too. Our business has become more international and less locally focused. The shift is a reflection of a globalised fishing industry with more international competition.

Even so, Bakers Point Fisheries believes community comes first. After all, the industry requires a community effort. From the crews who fish and their supportive families, to our 40 plus employees, the fishing industry is one of the Eastern Shore’s largest employers. Those who do not work in the industry, are friends and neighbours that we want to see succeed.

It is our hope that Bakers helps add to the richness of our community and culture. Bakers Point Fisheries will continue to offer local retail, host cultural events like the Blessing of the Fleet, partake in community parades, as well as sponsor and donate to community events and charities. We believe a good leader is well rounded, which is why we do our best to be a leader in the seafood processing industry and in our community.

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We have over 40 employees at Bakers Point Fisheries.
Everyone performs a vital role; Baker or not, they are part of this family.


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